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The Buyer's Edge, Consumer Buying Service

Check out The Buyer's Edge, a consumer buying service that provides competitive prices on most major purchases for members in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the greater area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Simply click below to get the toll-free phone numbers for major appliances, TVs, cars, furniture and much more. It's free, convenient, and you talk to a "live" specialist.

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  • Password: member1

Route 22 Honda of Hillside

Tired of all the hassle when buying a car? Tired of the back and forth? The hidden charges? We are too!  Route 22 Honda in Hillside, NJ extends their haggle free hassle free pricing to all Kean University employees, staff and alumni.

Recent graduates are eligible for up to $1,000 off the purchase of their next vehicle. All Kean graduates can receive $500 off their next car.

Kean Alumni Oil Change Special - When getting your next oil change, pay the year that you graduated from Kean. Graduated in 1981, pay $19.81!

Hertz Rental Club Program


With Hertz #1 Club Gold, there’s no stopping at the counter at over 40 of the world’s busiest airports. Your name and car location are in lights and your car is waiting in a weather-protected area. At over 1,000 other locations around the world, go directly to the Hertz #1 Club Gold counter, present your license, and you’ll be handed your keys and pre-printed rental agreement. Then proceed to your car and drive off. It’s that easy.

Here’s how to join Hertz #1 Club Gold:
Go to our website:
Enter your Company Name:   Kean Alumni
Enter the CDP#:    1938901
Enter Pin Code:     hbrgold
Click “Join Now”

You can now gain access to a fee-waived enrollment application. Fill out the fields and click on “I CONSENT”. The application will be sent to the Hertz #1 Club Gold Processing Center. You will then receive your new #1 Club Gold Number, and can begin utilizing the service instantly! The fee-waived #1 Club Gold membership is free for as long as you continue to stay a part of the Hertz Business Account Program. 

Please make note of your #1 Club Gold Number as a card will not be sent to you. You have the option of printing out a paper membership card. For security reasons, on your first rental, please go directly to the #1 Club Gold VIP area so we can confirm identity and method of payment.

  *For those who already have a Hertz #1 Club Gold membership, call 1-800-CAR-GOLD and ask that your profile be updated with the Corporate CDP ID number.

250 Surrey Road, Unit 17
Hillside, NJ 07205


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