By Adele Kenny '70

Distinguished Alumna of Kean University


 (for Kean University)


 The backstory seems incredibly short: a school that

framed our lives, and years fled by—the surprise of

that as if such days were meant to last—nothing gone

or done, as if we’d never have to say lost or over.

But life, of course, is not like that—time swings

forward in measured arcs. Landscapes and faces change.


Back then, we walked the little paths toward rooms in

Bruce and Willis that came to feel like home. It was

here that we dreamed a future feathered and winged.

Small, beneath a sky that had no edge or end,

we turned our faces to the light and walk here now

like shadows on a stream, ghosts inside a dream’s


dissolving wake—something of each of us always

here, our voices almost heard though all the scattered

distances we make. Remember, remember … all that

was given and what we took away: how it felt to be

that young, that unaware of what life is or where it

goes, to be that safe—here—where becoming begins.


Composed for the occasion of the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Awards 

 Copyright © 2014 by Adele Kenny. All rights reserved.



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